Technology (AI), humans, and the future...

My friend, journalist Maggie Jackson, recently sent me an interesting article in the Times Magazine about one of the new complexities in the relationship between humans and AI:

In many arenas, A.I. methods have advanced with startling speed; deep neural networks can now detect certain kinds of cancer as accurately as a human. But human doctors still have to make the decisions — and they won’t trust an A.I. unless it can explain itself.

The source of these issues is that AI decision making is hidden, but also in many ways non-deterministic--we don't know what it will come up with and how it did!  We discuss this a bit in our recently published paper.

Maggie Jackson, will be leading a discussion at the Google I/O developer conference on building healthy technologies.  In that session, many existing and new issues regarding human-ai/technology issues will be discussed.

In this Keynote Session, journalist Maggie Jackson, a specialist in how technology impacts humanity, talks to Adam Alter, Professor of Psychology at NYU, about why enabling a healthy tech life balance is important, and what can be done when building apps and services to make healthier products.