33 Questions Psychology Must Answer...

The American Psychological Association recently asked 33 psychologists to identify critical questions yet to be answered in their specific area of psychology. I had the honor of answering for the Engineering Psychology (human factors division):

Leaps in technological evolution will turn simple tools into autonomous teammates that have the ability to communicate with us in ways that are even more personal and accessible. A diverse range of new users will collaborate with these entities in new settings. The goal of engineering psychology has always been to enhance the safety, performance, and satisfaction of human-machine interaction. We must adapt to the idea that these machines are quickly changing and becoming less tool-like and more human-like. How will this new human/machine paradigm affect human safety, satisfaction, and performance?
— http://www.apamonitor-digital.org/apamonitor/20180708/MobilePagedReplica.action?pm=1&folio=47#pg50

Check out the other interesting questions from other areas; AI is mentioned a few times too!